Procedures for Rescheduling a Game

If for some reason you have a conflict, here is the procedure for re-scheduling a game:
1)  Contact the opposing coach for the game that you need to have re-scheduled.  You can get the coach's phone number at:
2)  Come to an agreement with the opposing coach on a date and time for the game to be rescheduled.  Make sure a field is available for the time and date you agree upon by checking the master schedule at:
3)  Send and e-mail to the following address:
In the e-mail, state the game (Date, Time, Field) for the game that is being rescheduled as well as the proposed date, time, and field for the new game.
4)  You will receive an e-mail message in return once the game has been confirmed for the new date.
It is important that these steps are followed so the league can be sure to plan for officials for the game.